ECM Landfill

In Ridgely, Tennessee

ECM of Ridgely partners with companies and communities to collect, transport and dispose of waste efficiently and effectively. With over 23,000,000 cubic yards of air space available, ECM is the 2nd largest Subtitle D, Class I Landfill in the State of Tennessee.  In addition to our hauling company, ECM of Ridgely has a barge port on the Mississippi River as well as rail spur access to accept waste. ECM can accept municipal solid waste and special wastes, including contaminated soils, sludge, coal ash, smelter wastes, asbestos, non-hazardous medical waste and construction and demolition materials. If you have been looking for cost efficient short or long-term disposal solution, let ECM of Ridgely become your environmental partner for your waste management needs. Don't hesitate to email or call with any questions or comments.


Volume discounts at the landfill and direct haul from transfer stations.
20 yard container
30 yard container
30 yard compactor
40 yard container
Barge port on the Mississippi River and rail spur access to accept waste.